Monday, March 5, 2012

I'm baaaack...

So sorry for the falling off the edge of the earth.  I had some major computer issues.  Actually my computer decided it had had enough of my shenanigans, my predilection for picking up viruses and my foul language so it sent me a few nasty messages then went dark for good.

So now I have shiny new computer.  Its very pretty and extremely cooperative.  So far.  My bank account is still sobbing however.

As far my knitting goes, well, apparently there is a lesson that even after all these years I just refuse to learn.  And that is...DO NOT KNIT WHEN EXHAUSTED, LAURA!  I had a lovely pair of toe up socks on my magic loop.  I managed to get as far as turning the heel and it all went to hell. And every time I went backward to fix my mistakes the whole situation just got worse and worse.  I was just too tired and watching "Attack the Block" (which was quite good by the way, once you figure out the accents) was too much of a distraction.

Stooopid idgit.  I SO know better.  Anyway the whole mess got frogged.

In anticipation of including a few photos now that I'm back to blogging I tried to take a  picture or two of my recent fingerless gloves -  knit with Imagination sock yarn from Knit Picks that I'm crushing on right now.  So pretty.  Dug out the camera, took a few pics (fighting Cali off who was taking an intense interest in the process), took the little card out of the camera (because Max still has the usb proprietary cord arghhhh)...finally found the port on my new computer which was set in the least obvious place...of course... and realized that I still need to download Picasa.

I give up.  I tried.

I'll be back.

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