Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas knitting

I know it's only a hat but this took some thought!  My brother asked for a knitted hat for Christmas which is great and a compliment.  He explained that the hats he bought were always too small, which is no surprise as I have the same problem and so do my sons.  But he was unable to give me a measurement. And that was a problem.  So I extrapolated.  Ben and I have 24" heads.  So Brad's must be bigger.  He's a big guy.  I did a considerable amount of Ravelry research to determine gauge, number of cast on stitches and a pattern that would give the hat enough ease to compensate for my lack of information.

Anyway, long story short...

Not yet blocked, that is coming this weekend. Your basic ribbed toque in Rowan Tweed  Chunky in Mocha.  Very thick, very warm, very Canadian.  If it fits I think he'll like it.  Fingers crossed.

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