Thursday, December 8, 2011

Silly little washcloths

I have a friend who knits washcloths almost exclusively.  They meet her knitting needs.  Quick and easy and perfect for knitting in front of the television.  They are useful.  She gives them as gifts.  And generally she knits the same washcloth over and over and over.

For me that is shoot me in the head tedious.  If knitting the same washcloth  time and time again was the only knitting I could do then I simpy wouldn't bother.

However, that is not to say that I don't knit the occasional washcloth. I consider them rather like knitting a swatch. In fact I will often test a stitch on a washcloth. I knitted these two over the weekend.

I like my hand knitted washcloths small.  They seem to grow when they get wet and if they are too large they don't dry properly. And we are all familiar with the lovely scent of that. 

Cali keeps me company when I knit.  She is ambiguous about washcloth knitting too.

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