Sunday, December 4, 2011

it was a cold and rainy Sunday...

...and I am tremendously unmotivated.  I blew off my workout.  Blew off grocery shopping.  Blew off house cleaning.  Would you like to see what I've decided to do with my day?

That is a glass of wine (more on that in a minute), some assorted nuts (yummy, calories be damned), my television remotes (I'm watching Burlesque, for the tenth time because it is great in its badness with some terrific music and Cher!) and some cotton yarn to knit some washclothes.  Kitchen cloths don't last long around here.  They get burnt and stained and washed so often they fall apart quickly.

 Last evening I had a house guest - the six year old daughter of a friend.  Said friend found herself in a tight spot and I agreed to babysit for the evening.  It has been many years since I've had the pleasure of the company of a child for an evening.  Here is a picture of my younger son who has obviously decided to have the same pyjama day as his mom.

So, yeah, its been quite a while since he was six. 

 So, she and I decorated the Christmas tree. And that worked out quite well, because I had forgotten how much energy six year olds have and how demanding of your attention they are.  The tree provided the both of us with a couple of hours of great fun.

A closer look and it you would see that it looks as though a six year old decorated it. Every decoration we owned was put on that tree including some decorations that more rightfully belonged on a centrepiece or hanging from a doorknob or draped on a bannister. And I love it.  I won't change a thing.

We also decorated this.  The boys and I don't have a mantel so the stockings are hung from the antique fridge. Which in these more modern times serves as a .....

Liquor cabinet.  I'm not much of a drinker truth be told.  But I do enjoy a glass of red wine.  And this is our family favorite...

I highly recommend it.  My parents have traveled the world, experienced some of the best wines ever made and they have decided on this one as their inexpensive "house" wine.  I bow to their expertise and have to say, it is fabulous.

And that is the way I am spending my cold and rainy Sunday.  To Hell with the insane boss, bills that need to be paid, Christmas shopping that needs to get done and the dozen other worries that plague me.  Today I'm going to drink wine, eat whatever I fancy, knit some dead simple washclothes, enjoy the guilty pleasure of bad movies, admire my Christmas decor and truly take the day off.   

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