Friday, December 30, 2011

Did you have yourself a merry little Christmas?

I had a very nice Christmas this year, thanks for asking.  It was relatively calm and relaxed and all of a sudden it was over.  We didn't get snow until I was back home which was fine.  The driving was good and then I had a great excuse to cocoon myself in my house, which is my favorite thing to do.

I asked for and got some cool kitchen knives.  The big one is specifically for vegetable chopping and whoo-wee does it do its job!  Those veggies chop like they are buttah...
And I got some yarn, Berroco Peruvia 7220, Raku Glaze. Soft and pretty. And a cool fabric bag to boot. 

And I did some knitting over the holidays.  Mostly hats, because I can drink wine while I knit them.  And because I can't seem to sit down for any length of time when there is a house full of people and holiday things to do and holiday meals to make.
Anyway, this camera is not a Christmas gift.  I have appropriated it from my son who rarely uses it.  My blog pictures suck and I would really like to do better.  Call this a new year's resolution if you will.  There could be some funky photos coming as I experiment - be warned.
I am off to do some post-Christmas shopping now.  My lys is having a 25% off everything sale and I am obliged to find some yarn to match the Raku Glaze, possibly to make a blanket. And I may do some stocking up on 220.  It is going to be a long winter and if I do find myself unemployed in February then I am going to need a stash.

I may make a little Resolutions list.  I haven't decided yet.  Maybe the blog will keep me accountable. Maybe.

P.S. My brother loved his hat.  In fact, all the hats I knitted for Christmas got adopted and were appreicated which made me happy.  In fact, my brother wants another.  A funky earflap design this time.  So you see, I have to go yarn shopping today.

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