Saturday, November 12, 2011

...and so it begins...

Christmas, that is.  It starts so quickly.  One minute I'm eating Halloween candy, the next, Christmas shopping.

Living in a rural area we have quite a number of fairs and festivals.  Potatoe Festival, Garlic Festival, agricultural and antique fairs, and today, the SugarPlum fair. A local Christmas sale for aritisans and cottage industries.  I'm afraid the photos aren't great.  I'm not accustomed to intruding on people by taking their picture.  And an explanation as to why I'm taking said photo, well, the explanation that it is for a blog seems...lame.

These are lovely glass ornaments that sparkle and glow. I have in my mind's eye a four foot white Christmas tree festooned with nothing but these of all size and colors. I also wonder about the logistics of transporting all this very thin, delicate glass from fair to fair. I wonder what their loss ratio is.
Candy.  Chocolate and bark and fudge.  This is a very popular home business if the number of booths are any indication. And they give out free samples.  The trick is not to start, I suppose.  But I'm not terribly good at that and I may have come home with a bark or two.

There were also a number of hand made knits booths.  I really enjoy looking at other people's work, how skilled they are and what they believe their wares are worth.  Acrylic or real yarn, Toilet roll covers or Clapotis shawls. I was with non-knitting friends at the fair so I couldn't really stop and chat but I may go back tomorrow to do just that.  I don't know any other local knitters and who knows, I could make a friend.

These are zipper pulls and are perfect as knitting markers.  The hooks on them are too tiny to fit around a knitting needle so I throw them on yarn or plastic markers.  At three for five dollars I can afford to start a little collection and I have.  Almost every fair and festival has them and I think they are so pretty. 

Next:  Museum on the Boyne Christmas Market.

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