Friday, January 6, 2012

Entrelac monster

I should know by now, I really should.  The length of a cast on does not necessarily reflect how long said knitting is going to be. Specifically, the longer the cast on the more unpredictable this becomes.  And apparently this is particularly true for entrelac.  Witness...

Good God, I swear this should be half this length.  Upon reflection I have decided to go with it and am redesigning the blanket in my mind as I go.  I simply have put too much work into this to frog it and it really is quite pretty.  (It is 5am and there is no proper light to shoot this and get true color.  I will try again on the weekend.)

I am down with the flu, no surprise really with the stress of the holidays and all the other crap I am dealing with.  So, hopped up on over-the-counter meds I spent yesterday (and will again today) in my chair knitting and watching movie after movie.  I have discovered that I am more than able to watch The King's Speech basically on a continuous loop despite the consternation of my sons who remain on Christmas vacation.  Colin Firth is yummy and makes me feel better than any combination of meds (and perhaps wine, so sue me, its four o'clock somewhere and I'm sick).

Days 5 and 6:  I made thngs better by: Colin Firth, eating oranges instead of cookies, actually taking sick days without guilt and obsessing over what is going down at the office in my absence.  42 days and counting and I am caring less and less. Its about bloody time, dumb me. 

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