Saturday, January 21, 2012

Things I can't show you today

It comes as no surprise to me that I am sick again, this time with a monstrous cold.  I rarely get sick. I expect this is due to a combination of good genes (hearty Dutch and English stock), almost daily Greens+ and fervent handwashing. But when my immunity gets felled I tend to get one illness on top of another, making up for lost time I imagine.

All my body wanted yesterday was sleep.  And I left work early to accomodate it.  Sleep in my bed, sleep on my couch. I was exhausted, blearly eyed and suffering from the usual sneezing and sniffling depicted so well on all those cold medicine commercials that play non-stop this time of year.  Anyway, Max was to come home from university last evening and asked to be picked up from the train station, about 40 minutes drive from home.  At 7ish. But maybe 6:30ish, he wasn't sure. Because he is a) male and b) a teenager he had lost his phone and couldn't contact me on the road and I suspect wasn't organized enough to catch the appropriate train and connecting bus to get him there on time.  Long story short - I sat in cold car (alternating running the car for warmth and then not to conserve gas), in a dark, empty parking lot for 2 1/2 hours waiting for him. He was only saved from being torn asunder by me because hours of building anger and illness had totally burnt me out by the time he finally arrived.

When I awoke this morning after the lousy sort of sleep one has when one is sick I see the camera I had appropriated from Ben and have been using for this blog sitting on the table apparently to be taken on Max's travels to meet up with friends this weekend.  I'm not thrilled to be losing the camera all weekend but I can live with that.  What frustrates me is that when I went to grab the cable to download the pictures I have sitting on it, a cable I am careful to always leave in the same place so it is always on hand, I couldn't find it.  Of course. God only knows what he has done with it. 

Consequently I am unable to show you the pictures of;

a)  the progress of my entrelac blanket which has taken an interesting turn and,
b) a soup can (there is a story there, not a particularily interesting one but a story nonetheless)and,
c) something else I cannot recall but that I am sure was inspired and riveting.

I am making the infamous Cabbage Soup this morning in an attempt to kick start better eating habits and to detox my way out of this cold.  I was going to take pictures. I guess its back to my old camera.  I had better be able to find the cable or blood will be shed.

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